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The Athenaeum Through The Years

  1. Club initiates promotion of kindergartens and "Mothers' Unions" in public schools
  1. First kindergarten installed in 1895 with supplies provided via Club sponsorship.
  1. Past President Mary Harmon Weeks serves as the first secretary of "The of Mothers' Unions"
    (renamed the PTA in 1912).
  1. Club efforts were instrumental in the passing of a city ordinance appointing a milk inspector
  1. The Club formed Traveling Library #1 in conjunction with the Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs.
  1. Red Cross Unit #68 is formed. The Unit held patriotic sewing sessions every Monday during the war effort in 1917 and 1918.
  1. Founded by Athenaeum members Alice Graham and Katherine Richardson, Mercy Hospital (later Children's Mercy Hospital) opens.
    The Athenaeum created a sewing committee and solicits and donates furniture, canned goods and other supplies.

    The first of several dances for in-town soldiers was held. Members' daughters and nieces entertain the troops.

    The Athenaeum hosts a Suffrage Luncheon at the Hotel Muehlebach.

    American Citizenship classes are conducted.
  1. Club president Bertha Kyle hostesses tea for First Lady Florence Harding at the Athenaeum Club House.
  1. President Georgia McDonnell and eight department directors welcome Queen Marie of Romania on behalf of the Liberty Memorial Assoc.

    Club officers assist the mayor in receiving Col. Charles Lindbergh when he visited in his plane, The Spirit of St Louis.
  1. The Laura Conyers Smith Municipal Rose Garden in Loose Park is established with the 200 roses from the Athenaeum.

    A group of women take their brooms and "sweep" the lobby floor at City Hall in symbolic protest against "filth in government".
  1. The Red Cross Sewing committee is again established and the club participates in a Defense Bond Drive.
  1. Missouri Girls Town Foundation is incorporated and forty acres is purchased near Mountain Grove, Missouri.

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